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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Organizations are moving rapidly into the digital age and with them many of the applications, services and data. This means that IT organizations and Business Lines (LoB) need a new, fast and flexible way to deliver, manage, control and secure your organization's applications in a virtualized environment, allowing you to have computing processes in locations outside of the physical limits of your company.


At RICOH we have a deep understanding of the tools and methodologies needed to design, implement and adopt the use of a public, private or hybrid cloud within your organization.

Cloud design and construction

Cloud design and construction

At RICOH we have extensive experience in the design of data networks, both for local areas and wide area networks. Our knowledge covers the planning, design, implementation, testing process, migration of trach and the operational support of complex data networks, which are projected by our technicians.

Cloud Server

Cloud Server provides virtualized computing resources, allowing complete independence of any physical infrastructure and provides a dynamic, scalable and highly available environment for your company's computing needs.
Cloud server
Cloud desktop

Cloud Desktop

The Cloud Desktop remote desktop service enables you to virtualize desktops and applications for your employees or your customers, centralizing their maintenance and increasing security.

Cloud Apps

Our security experts will work with you to help you migrate your most critical applications to the cloud.
Cloud apps