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Internet of things

Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services for your company.


Analytical Services and Cognitive Solutions

As the number of objects / sensors that can be connected to the Internet grows, the new opportunities that this may represent are highlighted in a generic way. Projections point to 50 billion connected devices in 2020, each generating huge amounts of information.

The exponential growth of data traffic in terms of speed, variety and volume presents a huge challenge that today is being handled by Big Data systems. RICOH provides the tools to improve the interpretation of these large volumes of structured and non-structured data and analytical platforms capable of performing predictive models for the processing and generation of useful and real-time information that allows anticipating market changes, offering complex solutions and helps decision-making in your business.


Content Analytics

A lot of information within companies and entities is unstructured information in the form of free text, internet content, proprietary content such as contracts purchase orders. Being able to analyze this information, understand it, discover correlations and learn from past experiences to deliver perspectives and better decisions to business users.

At RICOH we have developed three key solutions for multiple industries:

• Social Media Insights: Analyze and structure the unstructured publicly available content on the internet. Perspectives of brand opinions, measurement of feeling, identification of criminal gangs or events of violence in cities and communities.

• Health Coding: Through cognitive APIs and natural language engines, we analyze and structure the unstructured content available in medical notes, medical histories, pharmaceutical prescriptions and codify them under local, regional and international standards for the reduction of payment cancellations and scientific health research.

• Fraud Prevention and Governance: Identification of fraudulent clauses in contracts and content to obtain perspectives and analysis never seen before in huge amounts of documents.

Analytics charts
Internet of things

Cognitive Solutions

Information becomes more and more one of the most important resources. In many industries, however, this inordinate increase in information goes much further than the existing human capacity to process, discover, or understand it. Cognitive solutions enable companies to better understand their customers, make their operations more efficient and optimize their business processes.

The ability of a platform to understand, reason and learn as a human being allows to add much more value to the end customer.

With RICOH you can:

  • Develop cognitive tools that allow you to streamline the technical service of your company and improve the response times of your support teams.
  • Connect multiple sources of information to a Cognitive Expert Concierge by creating a single point of expert contact to improve the end user / customer experience.
  • Develop cognitive tools that allow the analysis of large volumes of information that result in 360° views of the information, allowing decisions to be taken according to the different options presented with a level of certainty, or degree of confidence.
Businessman working with analytics report

Self-Service Analytics

RICOH’s experts and ecosystem of partners can help your business to develop proactive strategies and business processes, so it can grow,  based on available information:

• Educate staff and stakeholders about their role in managing large volumes of data.

• Handle large volumes of data from various sources as well as the transmission, storage and analysis of this information.

• Take advantage of the large volume of data for knowledge and analysis that aid in decision making, through business intelligence.