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Infrastructure services

Infrastructure Services

With a unique point of contact, we manage the full range of IT support and consulting services you need, from the integrated capabilities of our Help Desk, to local and international service teams that will help boost productivity and availability of your infrastructure to maintain a competitive advantage, thanks to IT.
Data center

Design, construction and virtualization of data centers 

At RICOH Latin America, we have a catalog of more than 200 products and more than 100 technical certifications of the industry, allowing us to provide advance support from a complete and new Data center.


We not only solve technological and business challenges and problems, but also the optimization of your IT investment using some of our innovative tools, such as server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization and application virtualization.


Our tools increase the agility of your business making simple administration and procurement.


Design and construction of data networks

Both for local areas and for wide area networks. Our knowledge covers the planning, design, implementation, testing process, data migration and operational support of complex data networks, which are projected by our technicians according to international industry standards, in such a way as to contain Core technological elements.


Data networks
Network security

Design and Construction of Security Solutions

IT organizations face increasing challenges to protect IT infrastructure, applications and customer data The new digital era requires enterprises to consider security elements, such as infrastructure, endpoints, applications, sensors, and new devices for IoT, messaging, Web services, mobility, data, transactions, cloud, compliance and more.

At RICOH our methodology is simple: the integrated architecture and our leading products in the security industry, intelligently combined by our own architects, we offer solid solutions that will strengthen the security posture of your organization, either from a security point of view Perimeter, internal security or protection of user applications.


Mobility Solutions

In the corporate sector, mobility is already a reality. The acquisition and use of mobile devices exceeds that of traditional workstations. Our solutions facilitate the transition with secure, agile, efficient and transformational technologies.

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