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Unleash your Potential

Unleash your Potential

To optimize processes, CIOs and other decision makers in functional areas (C-level) consider investing in business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to clearly and easily interpret real-time business results to implement innovation strategies.

Main challenges in companies by area


Unleash your Potential
  • Accelerate collections.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Comply with the regulatory requirements to maintain control of precesses against audits.

Human Resources

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  • Comply with personnel recruitment or down-sizing, due to organizational restructurings for the new hybrid working times.
  • Cost savings.

Sales and Marketing

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  • Automated marketing processes.
  • Accessibility to documents and contracts in a digital and secure way, working from everywhere.
  • Centralized processes and real-time results to support business decision making.

Identify the level of digital maturity of your company and unleash its potential

Basic Level

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  • Handling of all physical documents in all departments.
  • Your IT ecosystem lacks automated workflow.
  • There is no systems integration and all processes are decentralized.
  • High IT vulnerabilities.

Higher Level

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  • Handling of both physical and digital documents.
  • Your IT ecosystem still lacks automated workflow.
  • There is no systems integration and all processes are decentralized.
  • Medium IT vulnerability.

Advanced Level

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  • Handling of digitalized documents.
  • Yout IT ecosystem has an automated workflow already.
  • There is greater integration between your systems, and processes are decentralized.
  • Little IT vulnerability.
  • You have not yet delved into BI for decision making.

Once you have identified the digital maturity level of your business, 

Ricoh helps you unleash your employees from manual processes and repetitive tasks with solutions tailored to your needs.

Capture (Digitalization)

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Digitize so that each person can focus on maximizing their talent by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

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Move your information around easily and quickly with digital workflows.

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Optimization (RPA & AI)

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Find out how Ricoh's solutions integrate all the operational features that streamline business decisions.

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At RICOH, we accelerate the digital evolution of your business, unleashing the potential of your employees to achieve greater efficiency.

Find out how we can help you unleash your business potential

Financial Services

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Document Management for Financial Services

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Marketing & Sales

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Workflow and management solutions

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Human Resources

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Efficient management of the Human Resources area

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New A3 IM C Series

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