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Institution Challenges

Discovering a new way of educating at higher-level institutions.

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RICOH helps position your institution as a leader in innovation, increasing the satisfaction of a prospective student by aligning their expectations with a higher level.


Facing the great challenge of the transformation in the education sector



  • Brand differentiation and reputation.

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  • Retention and Graduation, Student performance, Quality of education.


  • Cost reduction and infrastructure creation.
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Higher education challenges consists of an interesting combination of the natural evolution of new teaching methods and a type of student with higher expectations: technology and social commitment as common ground.

Not only do higher education institutions need to provide modern tools and skills appropriately to this new generation, but they also have the difficult task of identifying future trends in order to prepare students for emerging jobs or those not yet identified.
While the goal of the institution is to provide quality education and improve its reputation, higher education institutions also have their own objectives as an entity.  Faculty members, who are mostly well-trained professionals, may consider industry-specific goals, but the labor market, in turn, is the main consumer of this product and defines the success of the process.
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  • Campus Print

    Create all your graphic materials in professional print quality and optimize your resources with the ability to select different types of print according to your needs.​

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  • EDU Card

    The simplification of payment processes on campus, presents some of the most common challenges in educational institutions.                                                        

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  • Student Records

    The retention, access and security of the information are vital elements for the handling of the students' files.                                                                                       

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  • Intelligent Classroom

    Adopt better educational practices driven by innovative trends to attract and retain more students.

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  • Test Grading

    RICOH solutions automate and reduce the time invested in this process.                          

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  • Huddle Room

    Changing how people communicate, learn and collaborate.                                                                      

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  • Admissions

    Perfecting the attention to students during the admission process.

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