Ricoh STEAM Lab

Ricoh STEAM Lab

A comprehensive solution for implementing STEAM education in the classroom. It is an experiential environment for developing science, technology and engineering skills.

Bernardo Rafael Caraveo Posadas - Manager Development Vertical Market Education

According to reports published by the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that 65% of children entering primary schools worldwide today will work in jobs that do not yet exist. Industry 4.0, which integrates technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, 3D, the Internet of Things or cybersecurity, among others, is transforming multiple industries and developing new business models that are currently in their initial stage.

In this context, today, the implementation of technologies in the classroom that encourage new knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering and arts (STEAM) is vital to encourage younger students to develop skills that will be highly useful for their careers in the future.
Against this backdrop, Ricoh Mexicana presents RICOH STEAM Lab, a comprehensive solution for implementing STEAM education in the classroom. It is an experiential environment to develop science, technology and engineering skills and foster critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity and teamwork at an early age.

From building blocks to robotics, advancing the STEAMMaker Curriculum teaches students to gain confidence in learning technical skills and designing project-based solutions with the goal of envisioning themselves in careers down the road. This educational approach teaches students to see themselves as designers and think like engineers, while the role of the facilitator is essential, achieving greater confidence, interest and participation from their students.

Ricoh provides the end-to-end solution, including teacher training, hardware, software and training, as a service.This enables institutions to implement a robust STEAM education program for kindergarten through high school, representing a leadership and innovation resource for the principal and a significant improvement in teacher efficiency and motivation. Finally, there is perceived satisfaction on the part of the parents and a greater motivation in terms of the education their children receive, since STEAM is the advantage that children need to have a greater chance of being part of the professional world of the future.

Students move from "passive consumers" of technology to creators of knowledge and innovation through the new collaborative, modern and personalized environments offered by the Ricoh STEAM Lab.

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