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What do patients value in their experience with healthcare institutions?

What do patients value in their experience with healthcare institutions?

By Luis Jiménez Céspedes, Account Executive - Healthcare Vertical - RICOH Digital Services

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving and transitioning towards patient-centered care. In 2024, significant growth is expected in health technology investment in Latin America, driven by various factors, including digitalization and the adoption of new medical technologies by public and private institutions, such as telemedicine, electronic health records (EHRs), artificial intelligence, and blockchain, among others. All of this aims to enhance the patient experience with a greater focus on their well-being and comfort, with both in-person and remote care, adapting traditional healthcare services to a hybrid model.

In this context, healthcare providers are increasingly focused on fostering patient loyalty to their healthcare institution through interconnected digital experiences that improve service quality both at the health center and remotely, before, during, and after receiving medical care.

At Ricoh LATAM, we provide several key factors to enhance the patient experience for healthcare institutions to consider in their future investments:

  • Before receiving medical care: Patients value being able to have their data digitally collected before going to the center and being able to schedule appointments through online forms or via chat directly with the healthcare institution.
  • During medical care: When the patient has already made an appointment with a healthcare institution, they value:
    • Telemedicine possibilities and virtual access for remote collaboration.
    • Clinical mobility: Digital patient information flows between areas of the healthcare center.
    • Speed and agility in capturing their data in consultations or hospital stays through technologies such as voice recognition for doctors.
  • After medical care: After medical care, patients value the following actions:
    • Access to results and digital history with structured and real-time data.
    • Collection of information on examinations performed on patients for diagnosis.
    • The healthcare center having secure cloud storage of information.
    • Digital invoices and medical prescriptions with electronic signature.

In conclusion, technology is the great ally of the healthcare sector in the face of challenges that hinder the competitiveness of organizations, such as manual and paper-based processes. Therefore, at Ricoh LATAM, we have a team of experts who accelerate the digital adoption of healthcare institutions without losing sight of what really matters: providing the best possible care and outcomes for patients. Our services and solutions enable the efficient capture, transformation, and management of information to help reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve patient care. We will ensure that bottlenecks and silos that exist today are broken to achieve access, data sharing, and successful information collaboration within and outside of any medical institution.

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