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Linde High Lift Chile S.A. Case Study
By Carol Alarcon, Ricoh Chile

Linde High Lift Chile S.A. is a leading company in the field of goods handling equipment, offering sales, rental services, and a robust after-sales service. With Ricoh as a strategic ally, it accelerated digital adoption in its logistic processes.

History and Context

Linde High Lift Chile S.A. stands out as the primary Forklift truck marketing company in Chile, being an integral part of Linde Material Handling. Since 2006, Linde has been part of the KION Group, consolidating itself as the second-largest global manufacturer of forklifts and handling equipment, as well as a prominent provider of logistic automation solutions.

Linde High Lift Chile S.A., with a presence in over 100 countries and production plants in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, the United States, and China, along with a network of over 700 distribution and service centers worldwide, offers a wide variety of products and equipment options. With over 80 series and approximately 9,000 options, the company customizes vehicles and fleets to the specific needs of each customer in transportation, storage, order picking, and stacking.

Business Challenge

After analyzing the complete customer scenario, significant improvement opportunities were identified, aiming to strengthen and update the operating systems area and modernize the IT infrastructure to enhance its operational capacity.

In this regard, the obsolescence of computer equipment and PDAs was a determining factor in improving operability, as it generated numerous complaints from end-users.

Ricoh Solution

The solution provided to Linde High Lift Chile S.A. was made possible through close collaboration with our strategic partners and the fundamental work of our pre-sales team, who provided precise guidance tailored to the client's needs and budget.

This implementation included the installation of state-of-the-art equipment. With Ricoh Device as a Service, the client obtained notebooks with centralized management. Through Ricoh Managed Print Services, we provided intelligent Ricoh multifunction printers with management and maintenance services. Additionally, we integrated inventory controls through barcode scanners with Ricoh Smart Flow (PDA Urovo).

The goal was not only to improve response times but also to reduce inventory errors and enhance efficiency, and competitiveness of its operation.


The results of the Ricoh-proposed solution implementation were significant.

The reduction of failures in the operational process led to a substantial improvement in the operational continuity of employees and a noticeable optimization in the response times of the IT department. As a direct result, the company experienced a 95% decrease in complaints.
In the specific case of barcode scanners, which became a symbol and example for Linde High Lift Chile S.A, inventory control of 90% was achieved. This translated into precise and real responses about the stock of products available in inventory, offering its customers greater reliability in information.The implemented solution not only impacted inventory management efficiency but also strengthened the commitment of the logistics area. Now, the client has greater control and knowledge of the products available in the warehouse, which has positively contributed to the agility and effectiveness of logistic operations. In summary, the results obtained reflect a comprehensive improvement in the client's operability and competitiveness, thanks to the successful implementation of Ricoh's solution.
Learn more about what Ricoh offers for the logistics sector here: Ricoh Device As A Service

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