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Merliot Square. Case of success

By Verónica Figueroa, Ricoh El Salvador


Merliot Square, located in Santa Tecla, is a shopping center founded in 1994 and belonging to the Bolívar consortium, a group of companies specialized in the real estate industry. With a variety of commercial options and services, Merliot Square provides its customers with a familiar, comfortable and safe environment, becoming an excellent choice for both brands and visitors.

The Challenge

With the presence of more than 230 brands, a large food court, parking and a variety of family activities, Merliot Square is concerned with ensuring that the businesses in its facilities operate in optimal conditions. To achieve this, there is a process in which any request or requirement related to maintenance, infrastructure improvements, facilities or special requirements must be presented formally using a form. Once completed, the document is sent to the corresponding areas for approval, authorization and processing of the request.

In addition, Merliot Square decides to improve its billing process and make it more agile and modern.


RICOH supported technology, proposing a new digital process for processing the various applications carried out by businesses. The application forms go from being printed and filled out manually to being entered digitally (web or mobile line) to the platform developed for Merliot Square, thus initiating a completely digital workflow that includes checklists, assignments to those in charge, approvals, resolutions and support of each documentation.

Also in the case of invoicing, physical invoicing using matrix printers is changed to electronic invoicing and the scope is expanded to the 16 companies that make up the consortium.

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Ricoh Smart FlowRicoh Latin America - RLA Marketing


With the new digital application process, among the benefits obtained by the client are: reduced waiting times, a fluid and standardized process. Additionally, there is traceability of each case, availability of 24/7 access, data analysis, automatic notifications and backup, undoubtedly improving the experience of the internal client and those responsible for the flow.

On the other hand, with the implementation of electronic invoicing, the process is completely optimized, now invoices can be printed from any location, in turn the document is generated in PDF format and sent via email. There is a storage system that makes searching easier and the best thing is that the logistical costs associated with the previous process are reduced.

Ricoh Latin America and Merliot Square acting together in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better future:

Ricoh is a global company committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by solving social problems through business with the sole purpose of achieving economic growth, a better planet and a better society.

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