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HDD Option Type M54 320GB

HDD Option Type M54 320GB

Adds 320GB of internal storage. Required for Job Preset, Auto Erase Memory Functions. Cannot be installed with SSD Option.

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PostScript3 Unit Type P12

The SP C352DN comes with standard PostScript3 Emulation and PDF Direct Print Emulation. This option is available for customers who require True Adobe® workflows like Photoshop®, Illustrator® and PDF/X as well as additional font support. When enabled on the printer, the standard PostScript3 Emulation will be disabled.

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XPS Direct Print Option Type P12

Allows for direct printing of XPS-type file formats.

418198 ipds unit type m42

IPDS Unit Type M42

For use in AS/400 environments. As a genuine Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) solution built on original IBM source code, our IPDS option provides more accurate interpretation of IPDS data. That means less errors and faster file processing than emulations. Plus, as an IBM partner your customers can be assured of fast problem resolution and timely upgrades.

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3 Year HotSpot Service Subscription Extension

Extends the HotSpot Mobile Printing Service subscription by 3 additional years.

007150miu memoryunit typen

Memory Unit Type N 1.0 GB

Increases the memory (RAM) to 1 GB and allows customers to use Extended Features. Required to enable optional embedded software applications like the Web Browser.

403000 ieee 802 type l

IEEE 802.11 A/G Interface Unit Type L

This option allows you to connect the device wirelessly to the LAN.

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IEEE802.11 Interface Unit Type P6

This option allows you to connect the MFP wirelessly to the Local Area network (LAN).

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HDD Option Type P12

The 320 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) transforms the printer into an information portal. The HDD is required for Locked/Hold/Stored Print. Data Overwrite and HDD Encryption are available when the HDD is installed.

New A3 IM C Series
New A3 IM C Series

A3 color multifunctional printer. The digital gateway of integration to a hybrid workplace. #EscapeToTheUncommon

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