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5 Reasons to Include Printing in Your Marketing and Communications Strategy

5 Reasons to Include Printing in Your Marketing and Communications Strategy

In a connected world, where it is possible to access services with just the press of a button—all in the palm of your hand—you might feel that graphic communications are losing relevance for your marketing and communications strategy. This thought could be a mistake: print is key for your company and in your media mix.

The digital evolution enhances the power of print for your business. Why? Because it offers an experience that your customers cannot get from their screens.

1. Print Adds Greater Credibility

Print offers a higher level of credibility compared to online content: 82% of participants in a MarketingSherpa customer satisfaction survey stated that they trust print when making a purchase decision.

For many people, using print is a sign that your company takes launches, announcements, products, and ultimately the business seriously. Print provides a focus that does not get lost in the digital noise.

2. Print Has a Long Lifespan

When your customers open an email or interact with a social media post, for example, you have only a few seconds to make an impact. Print, however, provides your customers with content they can refer to continuously for months or even years, such as brochures, leaflets, attractive packaging, or posters, among many formats.

3. Print Helps You Create Connections

If you want to make a lasting impact on your customers, you need to create content that they feel attracted to. A study by Temple University evaluated responses to physical and digital media and found that the emotional response is stronger to printed media—and ultimately, a better memory of the information when it came to making a purchase decision.

4. Print Can Be Highly Customized

Innovations in digital printing technologies have evolved at an accelerated pace, allowing images and text in printed pieces to be uniquely tailored to an audience.

This allows your company to customize budgets in the printing of offers, images, and formats relevant to your customers. Today's digital printing solutions can produce affordable, short-run jobs quickly.

5. Print Complements Digital Communication

Combining both worlds is incredibly effective, as print can lead customers to view online content such as videos, e-commerce sites, or additional content.

Now that we have explained the key reasons why print helps you maintain your relevance in the digital age, you might be considering how print can help you improve relationships with your customers, offering them an effective marketing mix that drives growth and delivers results.

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