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Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Easily control your critical communications

​Billions of critical communications documents

are produced each year in the U.S. alone.

Critical Communications 1

Our Critical Communications solutions enable you to produce regulated, customized or personalized documents accurately with start-to-finish tracking and reporting. Choose one of three vendor-neutral software platforms to match your mail volume and other requirements for PDF and/or AFP datastreams:

  • RICOH ProcessDirector
  • RICOH ProcessDirector Express; or
  • RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer.

Produce jobs without a hitch

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Streamline output management with centralized control. 

When you're working with regulated, customized or personalized documents, you can't afford mistakes or delays. Our vendor-neutral Critical Communications solutions deliver the clockwork-like precision you need to produce jobs on schedule.

  • Monitor and control jobs using a single, web-based graphical user interface (GUI).
  • View jobs in the GUI to verify content, identify pages, and search for and reprint jobs.
  • Balance and shift workloads as needed, with support for both cut sheet and continuous feed printers.
  • Handle PDF and/or Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) jobs natively, no transforms required.

Thinking about outsourcing print and mail? Check out our Production Print and Mail solution, which lets you print your way — onsite or offsite.

Know that every document is accurate

Track each document and generate reports for compliance and other purposes.

You have little to no margin for error when handling sensitive information. That's why we offer affordable barcode scanners with our solutions, so you can track every document from start to finish. With our tracking and compliance capabilities, you and your customers can feel confident that each one is produced accurately and efficiently:

  • Check document status with simple verification reports.
  • Produce audit-ready reports that provide details on jobs, documents and system users.
  • Break down large jobs into individual documents that you can manipulate to speed up production.
  • Reprint documents automatically if a sorter jams or another issue affects one or more documents.

Be better prepared for emergencies. It's business as usual with our Print and Mail Continuity solution.

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Automate whenever and wherever possible

Reduce human errors, reduce costs and manage deadlines and service level agreements.

Critical Communications 5

Maximize postal discounts with electronic presorting, address cleansing and more. 

Combine manual tasks, manual mail-handling processes and bad addresses and you've got a recipe for high postal costs. Instead, drive down your mailing costs with the automated postal optimization capabilities in our Critical Communications solutions:

  • Qualify for postal discounts by presorting mail electronically before you print it.
  • Avoid wasted postage by identifying and extracting address information from jobs and sending it to third-party postal software for cleansing, suppression and sorting.
  • Use RICOH ProcessDirector or RICOH ProcessDirector Express with third-party software to expedite mail hygiene. Pull address information out of jobs and put back the correct information automatically.

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