University of South Florida

University of South Florida

Find out how USF Student Government leaders, IT and Ricoh worked together to make printing more accessible for students and more affordable for the school.

We also configured the printers with a driver that worked with an updated version of the school’s Pharos Systems software to monitor and assign chargebacks. The new system boasted several new features:

Users swiped their ID to access printer and copier capabilities.

Each student received $2.50 of free prints per day.

Increased information mobility, which allowed students to print to any device on the network.The lack of long lines was the most visible result of our efforts.

Students still receive affordable printing, but services are now more evenly distributed across campus. By working with IT and the student government, our solutions also led to a printing usage increase of 2.5 million documents (for a total of up to 10 million per year), reduced price-per-page costs due to new technology and fixed toner costs, and fewer devices (which led to space savings in print centers). They also enabled restrictions on unauthorized prints and more protection for those outputting sensitive documents.

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